Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Articles You Should Read

Here are my current favorites articles, in no particular order. I've shared them all at work and now I'm sharing them with you.

The Guard: I've read this article at least nine times now. I identify most with being the Old Guard, which makes me cringe helplessly every time I read it. It is thoughtfully written and makes some excellent points about how a team starts to trust themselves. Key excerpt:
  • The Old Guard: "I feel empowered to fix everything."
  • The New Guard: "I don’t know how to fix anything."
Teaching Iteration: High schools around the world need to start teaching this topic now and it should be a mandatory course. The cool thing is that the core concept can be applied to just about any subject. Let the students pick the thing they have an interest in and teach them skills for "how to make it better". 

Don't Get Blocked: This may be the closest thing I have to a personal mantra. The anti-pattern is people who like putting up roadblocks. Those people should get (symbolically) run over.