Monday, August 13, 2007

Accountability and the Knowledge Worker

Are you a Knowledge Worker? Fred Nickols really sets the framework for how companies can really make a difference when they are drive by a new breed of accountable individual (any he did this back in the '80s)

  • I seek out and I set direction.
  • I resist supervision; I welcome support.
  • I work at my own pace within the constraints posed by the situation.
  • I put my name on what I do -- and the names of those who contribute in any way to any endeavor for which I am accountable.
  • I promote, praise, recognize and reward accomplishment and service.
  • I contribute more than I consume.
  • I seek control over myself and influence over events about me.
  • I care about my work -- it is a reflection of me.
  • I care about the enterprise of which I am a part and I will do my best to protect it against all threats -- whether they are external or internal.
  • I care about the people with whom I work; they are not just co-workers or colleagues -- they are also friends, allies and comrades.
  • I refuse to simply "obey orders" and "go along with the program."
  • I will hold my superiors as accountable for their actions as they hold me accountable for mine.
  • I will not turn a "blind eye" or a "deaf ear" to wrongdoing at any level of any organization of which I am a part.
  • I will do my best to share what I know with those who are interested in learning from me and I will do my best to learn from those who are skilled, knowledgeable or competent in areas I am not.
  • I will at all times strive to advance and improve the knowledge base that undergirds my skills, abilities and accomplishments.
This ties in nicely with the theme of accountability. What it's not: imposed on you by others. What it is: self-directed behavior.

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